Auto-B-Good 9-Virtues Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Program

Social Emotional Learning
with the Auto-B-Good™ 
9-Virtues Program

The Auto-B-Good™ 9-Virtues SEL program program has helped schools all around the globe with our award-winning animated short stories that teach good character lessons. The result is that students learn to become personally responsible and gain healthy self esteem. Students being more motivated, having improved behavior and better grades are not the only benefits to Social Emotional Learning. The overall morale and retention rates for teachers, along with positive school spirit are also shown to dramatically improve.

These materials have been correlated to Common Core and each state's standards for Social Emotional Learning (SEL), Language Arts, Social Studies and Physical Education (PE). Each of our 63 lessons seamlessly integrate into the 5-Core Competencies of SEL.

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The Auto-B-Good™ 9-Virtues are supported by seven character lessons, that's 63 traits! Every one of our award-winning animated short videos has a corresponding comprehensive lesson guide and are ready to go whenever you are.

Each guide includes a lesson plan that requires little to no prep by the teacher, and is packed full with discussion questions, classroom activities, vocabulary lists. It also features our new physical education component that stimulates both the mind and body. Plus, there are lots of fun, grade-specific student activity pages that come in every guide, too!

In addition to being available in both English and Spanish which makes our materials perfect for English Language Learners (ELL/ESL), the Auto-B-Good™ Character Development Program has been uniquely aligned to Common Core and each state's standards for SEL, ELL/ESL, Language Arts, Social Studies and PE. Use the Correlations tab at the top of the page to see the reports for your state.

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The Auto-B-Good 9-Virtues program can be used in conjunction with our brand new ROADS systematic approach to Social Emotional Learning which helps guide counselors, educators, students and families in navigating through the process of Realizing, Observing, Acknowledging, Describing and Steering emotions in helpful and healthy ways.

Our handy new mini-manual lanyard, featuring our virtues dashboard and (EPS) emotional positioning system, gives educators a quick and easy tool that helps students get back on the right emotional road for success.

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Auto-B-Good™ Character Development Program and the impact it is having in schools.

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Proven benefits of SEL for students

Increases academic performance, SEL skills, positive attitudes and positive social behaviors while decreasing conduct problems, emotional distress and drug use.


A 2017 research study finds that SEL programs benefit children for months and even years.

 Higher social and emotional competencies among SEL students at the end of the initial intervention was the best predictor of long-term benefits. Benefits were the same regardless of socioeconomic background, students’ race, or school location.
 Source: Child Development (July 2017). “Promoting Positive Youth Development Through School-Based Social and Emotional Learning Interventions: A Meta-Analysis of Follow-Up Effects”  


Programs reviewed
(38 from outside US)


Students, kindergarten through middle school


Effects assessed after program completion

Meet the class...

Welcome to the City of Auto where social emotional learning intersects with children's fascination of cars and trucks. Auto-B-Good™ is a character development series featuring 9 animated vehicles, each with his or her own unique personality. A supporting cast of over 50 other vehicles populate this richly diverse community of cars - all sorts of makes and models!

These character development stories have been seen in millions of households all across the country on Public Television. They captivate, entertain and educate students featuring the various character traits which support the 9-Virtues of Auto-B-Good™. Whether in the classroom, auditorium, through a school's internal broadcast network or everywhere on our app, these turbo-charged, fast paced lessons will engage your students. These easy to use SEL resources provide educators the tools they are looking for to enhance Social Emotional Learning.

Winner of nine awards, these animated character development resources are as engaging as they are entertaining. It doesn't matter what age, race or gender you are - there is something for everyone in this exciting world of cars and character education. Come, be a part of a better community and a brighter tomorrow - one character trait at a time!

The Professor, or simply PROFESSOR as he is known to his friends, is the wacky inventor who lives on the hill. He is the only citizen in the City of Auto with his own observatory, which he does not use for spying. He has a brilliant scientific mind that is always coming up with new ideas, but he has trouble staying organized and occasionally his inventions backfire, yet inevitably end up helping the community.

Did you know the Professor appears as a famous science fiction character in Lesson 26 about INITIATIVE // "The Secret Force"

FRANKLIN is the voice of experience and wisdom in the City of Auto. He always has wise counsel to offer whenever the other cars find themselves in a situation. A respected pillar of the community, Franklin enjoys sharing and nurturing the younger cars so that they will grow up to be great citizens in their own right. He enjoys gardening and spending time with his friends Mr. Morgan and Elrod.

You'd be surprised to know that Franklin takes a not-so relaxing mud bath in Lesson 55 on HYGIENE // "Squeaky Clean"

JOHNNY is the fun-loving thrill seeker who is always getting into mischief. The only thing he likes more than going fast is staying “squeeky clean” at his favorite car wash. While he can be self-centered or a bit insensitive at times, Johnny is always an enthusiastic friend and loves to offer advice to the younger cars.

Did you know Johnny holds the world record for the longest skid mark? See how it happened in Lesson 58 on CARING // "Breaking New Ground"

CALI is the perky valley girl who loves a great deal when she’s shopping and is a phenomenal mini golfer. Even though she doubts herself and her own abilities, Cali is very talented and is also great at encouraging others when they are feeling down.

Did you know that Cali has a “MATRIX” style shopping trip in a dream sequence? See it in Lesson 08 on SELF-CONTROL // "Shop Til You Drop"

The nervous and safety conscious MILES likes nothing more than to curl up with a nice book in the comfort of his house. Unfortunately for him, adventure always seems to find him. Miles is an intellectual and loves learning, but he is always being pushed out of his comfort zone by the others. He is level headed and logical most times, but does suffer from anxiety and irrational fear sometimes.

Miles has worn many silly outfits including a sombrero (Lesson 31 - INDEPENDENCE // "Road Test For Maturity"), climbing gear (Lesson 44 - DETERMINATION // "Daring Dreamers), and football helmet with bubble wrap (Lesson 62 - FRIENDSHIP // "Scaredy Car").

Faithful and true, DEREK is the hard-working country truck who loves to help his friends fix things or haul a heavy load. Derek is practical, level-headed and a bit old-fashioned. He sometimes struggles to ‘change with the times’ and can’t help but get into arguments with his friend Johnny. Derek is known for being honest and dependable.

Did you know that Derek goes through an amazing transformation into a MONSTER? See how it happened in Lesson 57 about
 SELF-ACCEPTANCE // "Extreme Overhaul" 

Athletic and tough, MARIA is the local off road champion around the City of Auto. Maria is usually up early, training to improve herself. She likes nothing more than being covered in the dust and mud of the road. Maria is giving and is always around to add a wise female perspective to whatever situation the younger cars find themselves in.

Did you know that Maria once caused a major landslide that almost buried two other cars? Find out how it happened in Lesson 10 on TRUTHFULNESS // "Slippery Slope"

EJ is an athletic and imaginative “every car” who loves to skateboard, play soccer and spend the day drawing his own comic books. EJ is competitive and puts his all into everything he does. While he still has a lot of growing up to do, he’s got a lot of older cars around to help him on his way.

Did you know that EJ’s self-centered alter ego is an imaginary crime-fighting super hero? Learn more about it in Lesson 09 about 
POLITENESS // "Center Of The Universe"

Issadora, or “IZZI” for short, is the sweet little car who loves to sing and is best friends with EJ. Conscientious and intelligent, Izzi is usually the tiny voice of reason when EJ is about to do something he shouldn’t. Izzi doesn’t always like being the smallest one, and sometimes the other cars overlook her, but she is tenacious and sticks by her friends.

Did you know that Izzi is responsible for unleashing a destructive robot on the City of Auto — twice! See what happened in Lesson 56 about RESTRAINT // "Issadora's Box" and in the storybook ATTACK OF THE RUNAWAY ROBOT