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WHY USE THE AUTO-B-GOOD™ 9-VIRTUES SEL PROGRAM? Trusted, Developed by Educators, Easy to use with no prep, Saves time and is Correlated to standards.


Each of the 9-Virtues of Auto-B-Good™ are supported by seven animated short lessons, 63 comprehensive lesson guides and customizable award certificates that are ready to go whenever you are with virtually no prep time needed. All are licensed for use in the classroom and for online meeting services. Subscribe to get on-demand access to all of our award-winning character development resources and use them with any web browser or smart device. 

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"Schools that teach character education report higher academic performance, improved attendance, reduced violence, fewer disciplinary issues, reduction in substance abuse, and less vandalism."*

The Auto-B-Good™ 9-Virtues character development program has been a proven leader in helping elementary schools do just that since 2004. Our exciting lessons that were developed by teachers and counselors is the ultimate resource to help provide you the tools needed to develop good character qualities in your students, along with improving teacher morale, retention rates and overall school spirit.

*Lahey, Jessica. “The Benefits of Character Education: What I learned from teaching at a "core virtues" school.” -- The Atlantic, MAY 6, 2013

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Correlated to Common Core and state standards for SEL, Language Arts, Social Studies and PE.

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Parents and educators appreciate the strong positive messages and kids love the fun stories and engaging characters. Check out what people are saying, as well as the awards and recognitions that sets our our top-notch program apart from the rest.

✔︎ 5 Emmy Awards for excellence in broadcasting
✔︎ 3 Telly Awards for excellence in video and television
✔︎ 3 Aurora Awards for excellence in film and video

"I was so thrilled that you all now have a digitial how far this has come. I opened it up and explored and was thrilled. I am not only excited about finally realizing my dream of becoming a counselor, but also having a wonderful tool such as Auto-B-Good to use in my program. I know it will be a hit!"


School Counselor

“Compared to what the counselors in my school are using, this is wonderful. Our schools need updated resources, especially for Spanish-speakers.”


3rd Grade Teacher

"I love the platform. Because of Covid our students can't travel to my classroom. It is very convenient for me to bring my laptop on my cart and play an Auto-B-Good movie and then do the worksheets. My kids love Auto-B-Good, especially the boys. Which is awesome because it is hard to get them to want to learn about feelings. But with this program they are learning about feelings and having good character... and enjoying it."


School Counselor

"We've been using Auto-B-Good for a long time. Our students absolutely love these materials!"


School Counselor

“When you include this kind of concept in a fun cartoon, soon “respectful” means treat others like you want to be treated. Now my youngest says, “if I want my friends to be nice, I will be nice to them!” That’s huge!”

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The Auto-B-Good™ Character Development Program is uniquely aligned to Common Core and each state's standards for SEL, ELL/ESL, Language Arts, Social Studies and PE. 

To learn more about how these classroom tested materials have been correlated to your state standards click the button below.

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